The Virtuosi today

The Pontificia Insigne Accademia di Belle Arti e Lettere dei Virtuosi al Pantheon aims to encourage and increase the research and practice of the humanities, visual arts, music and architecture. The Academy consists of ordinary Virtuosi Academicians, who become emeriti at the age of 80 and Virtuosi Academicians ad honorem.

Ordinary members are chosen from distinguished national or international figures who have particularly distinguished themselves in the field of literature and the fine arts, or in spheres related to them. Nomination is the prerogative of the Supreme Pontiff, upon proposal by the Presidency Council. Ordinary Virtuosi Academicians participate in all the institution's forms of activity and are divided into five classes (ten representatives for each): 1. Architects; 2. Painters and Filmmakers; 3. Sculptors; 4. Musicians and Cultivators of the Arts; 5. Men of Letters and poets.