The Archive

The Archive of the Virtuosi at the Pantheon was originally kept in a cabinet built into the wall of the altar of the Oratory, the ancient headquarters of the Academy in the Pantheon. With the increase in volumes, it was moved to a special room in front of the historic meeting-place located, instead, in the attic of the Pantheon. To make it more easily accessible, it was transferred in 2010 to the operational headquarters in Rome, in Piazza di San Calisto, 16.

It contains the documentation on the history of the Virtuosi, first Congregazione and, from 1928, Accademia Pontificia. It holds the minute books of the of the meetings (called Congregazioni), which the Virtuosi held monthly to deliberate on various topics on their agenda aimed above all at pious practices and in particular at the creation of dowries and other benefits for poor young women in the process of get married or taking religious vows; the books of the Chamberlain; documents regarding donations and legacies for charitable purposes; some ancient statutes and publications on devotion to St. Joseph, patron of the Virtuosi. The minutes books have been systematically studied since 2000 and, dating from 1543, the year of the founding of the Society, up to 1877, a month before the death of Pius IX, transcribed into current Italian; this work consists of five volumes, issued by the well-deserving publisher Mario Congedo.

The Archive is open to the public for consultation, would-be users may make appointment by email to the Archive.